Robin Taylor, Movement Coach

the right movement for real life

Sometimes what's really important in life has nothing to do with smoothing out a lump here or making a bump there. Sometimes, it's about being able to chase your kids into the waves. Sometimes it's needing to dig in the dirt. Sometimes stretching out in the sun is a requirement of your soul. Bending. Twisting. Running. Living.

What if you could learn to integrate your movements and find that you stand straighter, walk taller, breathe deeper, embody strength - not just looking better, but feeling better too.

Your body was designed to move — let's give it what it's been longing for.

Movement with the pre- and post-natal body

Movement through injuries of sports and daily living

Movement for people of all fitness levels who want to move and feel better

MVMNT Philosophy

I believe honoring your body through purposeful movement transforms not only how you look on the outside, but more importantly, how you feel on the inside.

MVMNT Design

Five elements of movement are integrated into each session:

Strength Training

Make your muscles work for you. Besides increasing bone density and promoting lean body mass, strength training improves the body's ability to perform activities of daily living safely and without injury. Fewer aches and breaks? Yes, please.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Give your heart a fighting chance of beating well into old age. Cardiovascular activity conditions your heart, increases energy levels and works to make your body more functional and efficient. 80 beats per minute. 4,800 times per hour. 115,200 times per day. 42,048,000 times a year. Mad props, heart.


Straighten up. A stable kinetic chain reflects your body's ability to maintain and control joint movement and positioning. It’s about time you supported yourself.


Get un-stuck. Mobility is a function of how far the body can move before being restricted by the surrounding tissues. Bodies are meant to squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist with very few restrictions. Yours can too. 
I promise.

Breath Work

Take a deep breath. And another. The diaphragm might be the most important muscle in the entire body. Proper functioning is critical for core activation and a bunch of other body processes. Master this and you will set yourself free.

MVMNT Investment


Up to 15 participants, general MVMNT Design in the great wide open. 

$10 per session

Partner MVMNT

2 participant maximum, semi-individualized MVMNT Design anywhere you choose.
$50 per session

Idividual MVMNT

An individualized MVMNT Design based on your specific needs and goals, wherever you’re most comfortable.
$75 per session

I have made an investment in you and your body’s potential for functional movement. I will honor our time together by giving you my full attention, providing honest and compassionate feedback, and always giving you permission to be human.

Your investment means that you will be fully present, in body, mind and spirit, each time we meet. It is in this way that you honor your body and show yourself some love.


Robin Taylor


Certified Pre/Post-Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Diastasis & Core Consultant

TRX Certified Trainer

Bachelor of Science - Psychology

I have always been passionate about the power physical movement has on our well-being. Being active is a central component of who I am, and it has helped me navigate the negative physical effects that everyday life can have on our bodies.

After having two children, the impact of movement became more important, and more complicated. The old methods of “working out” just didn't work with my changing body, and I experienced frustrating periods of forced inactivity due to injuries. Through an iterative process of education, testing and good old-fashioned trial-and-error, I learned better ways to move that supported my body through all of its different stages and phases.

The positive and lasting impact of consistent, functional movement, coupled with a desire to help others move better, inspired me to create RT MVMNT.